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well first my name is lisa spang from montana i have one beautiful son he is the world my world revolves around..i love to have a good time i drink i smoke..the buddha i enjoy the out doors like to fish, ride horses nd hunting(shooting a gun is the best feeling ever). i grew up on a ranch so i know a little thing about hard work...i hate dumb bitches...I'm reall up front and bold about shyt, so actin' dumb and being fake ain't gonna cut it, i just won't waste my time...but if you a real person nd don't put up with no bullshyt u cool with me lol
HighSchool: Saint Labre Indian Catholic High School
TV: That 70's Show, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Teen mom, 16 nd pregnant, Family guy, SpongeBob SquarePants(can't avoid it if u got kids lol) The Nanny, MTV after hours music videos, CMT, GAC wake up call, Weeds(the awsomest show ever lol) Inuyasha(got into a lil anime lol) The Haunted, I shouldn't be Alive, Reno 911, what i like about you, Degrassi, George Lopez.
Interests: Riding horses, hunting,Fishing,hanging with friends, taking road trips, listening to music, having Fun partying...spending time with the fam...i enjoy workin on cars don't kno much but i got the basic do it urself repairs down lol i enjoy my job as a ambulance dispatcher kinda sorta get to help ppl i guess..well i got alotta interests and hobbies but im not gonna name them all..
BestFeatures: haha well ppl say things about my lips all the time so i guess its something ppl notice about me lol

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