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    6 ft. 1 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, over 18


Do you know who is a Passionate man ??? that's me !! I have a lot of passion and warmth... I want to give it all to you.. I want to love..Yes,I want that! Join me and lets discover if we are mates? If we are looking for same thing on this site? Speaking of me, I’m looking for someone to share life with; lazy days, laughs, deep discussions, dreams, adventures, embraces, hand holding, heartfelt connection and more. I am ready to act and there will be no obstacles in my way. I'm a purposeful man!! so don't be surprised if one day I knock at your door and you'll be pleasantly surprised.I Just want a REAL relationship... My heart is open and I am waiting for your love and attention!
I love to live an active life and explore. I am very passionate and large heart always thinking of what to do to help and ease the less privilege about their current life and conditions...I'm also delighted and gratified to be here because I believe my right woman is here..

What I am looking for

Life is a long arduous journey. The path is a long one, without any destination.
This journey deserves a worthy companion, for she can double the joy and halve the pain. I haven't given much thought over the question of the qualities of person, with whom I want to spend rest of my life. But I would try to reach an answer by approximating my own personality.
The foremost thing I would rule out is beauty. I don't care obsessively about beauty of my partner. If she is beautiful, its good or else its the same. My parameters are inner qualities.
I have spent my life so far being expected to be mediocre. It has been a constant excitements for family members, to see me aspire for more. I want my partner to see me for who I am. I want her to have believes in me.
I want her to know me completely, likewise I want to know her. Dreams, aspirations, past and future nothing hidden from each other. The companionship should be on equal terms. I want a person who would tell me when I am wrong. The person who would be by my side, in moments of despairs. And likewise I can be her support when she requires and she can also be mine, I want my partner to keep me on toes, with respect to our relationship. I want someone who can argue with me, at the same time love me for who I am. I want someone who could motivate me to be better person. I want to say a thousand more things, but will sum up in one line. I want a woman who can love me enough, to fight for me even if its with me she has to fight.
(I believe communication is one of the major keys in building a relationship) i want her to always communicate with me...